How To Keep The Family Entertained In A Static Caravan

Worried About Screens Ruining Your Family Holiday? 

Bonding with your family on your caravan holiday means steering clear of digital distractions. Follow these tips for a fantastic getaway. 

If you’re heading off on a caravan holiday, then you might want to think twice about bringing your kids’ screens with them. As fun and occupying as iPads and Nintendo Switches are, there are negative consequences associated with children who spend too much time attached to technology. The Royal College of Paediatrics & Child Health reveals that too much time watching or gaming on screens can disrupt the sleep patterns of your children. So why not make this a family holiday to remember, and spend some time together away from the many gadgets and devices that we use at home? Your static caravan provides plenty of opportunities for adventures and exploration. 

Regular Mealtimes 

Even though a holiday can offer a break from your normal routine, it would be a good plan to stick to your usual mealtimes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Factor in a couple of snack breaks also and you’ll find that you have some good chunks of time in the morning and afternoon to experience some family fun in your caravan together. 

Home Baking 

If you’ve loaded the car up with plenty of produce, then why not enjoy some home baking on your trip? New static caravans for sale come equipped with modern kitchen appliances so you’ll have all you need to bake everything from cookies to cakes. Or if you have a bread machine handy you might even program it to wake you up each morning with that wonderful smell of a freshly baked loaf. 

Getting Back To Nature 

Going on holiday in a static caravan is a great opportunity to teach your children about nature. You might pack a pair of binoculars for your kids and see which birds or roaming wildlife you can spot from your caravan windows. Or else how about taking a butterfly garden kit with you? You can watch the life cycle process as the caterpillars gently transform into butterflies, then release them into the wild. It’s a beautiful and extremely memorable experience for your children to take part in. 

Choose Your Board Games 

Board games are a great chance for the family to connect. They’re also a way to while away the hours if the weather takes a turn for the worse, which is always a distinct possibility in the UK. But it’s important to choose your board games with care. Games like Chess or Connect 4 are really for two players, so take care to bring along options which the entire family can enjoy together. Monopoly, Cluedo or Scattergories might all be good choices for you. 

Make A Time Capsule 

How best to remember your family holiday together than to create your very own time capsule? You might wish to collect a postcard from the region you’re staying in, along with photos, pebbles or any other keepsakes which are significant from your trip. Each family member might write a simple note explaining what they enjoyed about this holiday. Once your capsule is ready, you can decide to bury it somewhere or instead take it home to open in years to come. 

A holiday in a static caravan is a fantastic chance to bond with your entire family away from the distractions of modern technology. What plans will you make for your next caravan getaway?