Master The Art Of Hunter Valley Wine Tours With These 3 Tips

Hunter Valley

Even though Italy produces most of the best wines in the world, Australia ranks second. Across the country, there are several wine yards where you can take a tour, watch how the grapes are grown, explore the wine factories, enjoy some exotic drinks, and so on. 

One such area is the Hunter Valley. It is located in New South Wales and is one of the largest valleys formed by rivers in Australia. The region is famous for both wine yards and coalfields, out of which today we will be discussing the three most important facts about the Hunter Valley Wine Tours

When to visit the Hunter Valley wine yards?

There is no specific best time to visit the Hunter Valley. The wine yards can be visited at any time throughout the year. But, yes, the visiting time will depend on what you are expecting from the region. For example:-

  • Summers are mainly for a hot picnic plan where you can see the flowers growing across the fields. Taking a dip in the soothing Hunter River sounds quite an exciting activity in the summer. 
  • The monsoon season is coupled with high heat during the days and thunderstorms at dusk time. However, during this season, you will be able to attend the majestic Grapevine Gathering in Hunter Valley. 
  • Lastly, in the winter, the harvesting will be completed, and wines will be produced and stored in the barrels. The months of June to August are mainly known for the Hunter Valley Food and Wine Festival. 

What are the best Hunter Valley wine yards?

Now, coming to the main part, there are several Hunter Valley Wine Tours you can go on. But, it’s practically impossible to attain all the tours at a time. This is why we have explained the top five tours that you will most certainly enjoy the best. 

  • All-day wine, cheese, and chocolate tour: this is one of the best tour plans you can have in Hunter Valley where all day, you will be engrossed in wine tasting, enjoying the delicacies of cheese, and relishing the chocolates.
  • Hop-on hop-off bus: this kind of tour can be attended at your convenience since the buses will give you a tour of the entire region and you will be able to hop on and hop off the bus anytime.
  • Brokenwood wine tour: this is one of the most famous tourist brands that you should go on, no matter what. Here, you will be able to taste six different wines while exploring the vineyard with a private tour guide. 
  • Hot air balloon ride: another amazing tour adventure you can embark on in Hunter Valley is the hot air balloon ride during the sunset. 
  • Helicopter private tour: this is the most sophisticated version of wine. You will be given an entire round of the valley in a private helicopter tour followed by an exotic gourmet dinner. 

What are the best wines in Hunter Valley?

Tyrell’s wines four acres of Shiraz

Andrew Thomas Wines Kiss Shiraz

Lakes Folly Chardonnay

Tyrell’s Wines Johnno’s Semillon

Lakes Folly Cabernets

This article focuses on the three main things you need to know about the wine tours in the Hunter Valley. Now, all you need to do is plan your tours properly and within your budget and explore the wineries in this part of New South Wales.