Prolong The Life Of Your Static Caravan With This Maintenance Checklist

static caravan

Static caravans are very low maintenance, but like most things there are advantages to carrying out regular checks, tests, cleaning, and general repairs to maximise their lifespan. Whether you already own a mobile home or are looking for a static caravan for sale, it is important to know exactly how and what maintenance needs to be carried out.

Here is a helpful and easy to follow maintenance checklist that you can use to have your static caravan looking its best and help prolong its life for as long as possible.

Indoor Cleaning

This might seem like an obvious one but there are certain levels of cleaning that should be upheld to prevent dust, dirt, debris, and mould from ruining your static caravan. On a regular basis for the interior, you should carry out basic cleaning such as;

  • Hoover and wash floors
  • Dust, polish, and glass clean applicable surfaces
  • Wipe down kitchens
  • Clean bathrooms

Then there are things that need doing less frequently but are important to carry out such as;

  • Clean / shampoo carpets
  • Oven cleaning
  • Cleaning air vents of dust, cobwebs, debris etc
  • Clean and air mattresses
  • Hoover and clean sofas

Outdoor Cleaning

The exterior of your caravan is exposed to the elements every day so staying on top of cleaning it will help to prevent early degradation. Be sure to;

  • Clean the windows, sills, and frames
  • Cloth or jet wash the walls
  • Clear leaves and debris from the gutters
  • jet wash the underside
  • Clean any decking, steps, or patio areas


One of the key things to keep an eye on when you own a static caravan is mildew and mould. If not properly ventilated, mobile homes can become a breeding ground for mould spores which penetrate soft furnishing and make the place smell stale and damp. This can also be hazardous for those with health or breathing issues so is very important to keep on top of.

Remember To;

  • Keep the caravan well ventilated especially in areas such as the kitchen and bathrooms
  • Mop up any spillages immediately
  • Use moisture traps around the caravan to help absorb excess moisture
  • Inspect for leaks regularly


An important part of keeping your static caravan in the best possible condition is just taking the time to go through and check key areas so that if there are any early signs of issues, you can resolve, reduce, or fix them before they become a real problem. Try carrying out 3-6 monthly checks on things like;

  • Windows doors and seals
  • Chassis, anchor chains and tow links
  • Around skylights
  • Bathrooms
  • The roof both inside and outside
  • Guttering


Although it might seem expensive to carry out maintenance, it is extremely cost effective as spending a little here and there on maintenance is much better than having to have things repaired or replaced.

  • Water maintenance is key because water is one of the most common issues for caravans. If you have any leaky pipes or leaks in the roof, then this can quickly ruin large areas and cost a lot to resolve so get it fixed asap.
  • Floors in high traffic areas can soon show their age so keep an eye on any bouncy or worn patches that may need additional support to reinforce them.
  • The roof, especially those fitted with skylights will need to be looked after to ensure that there are no cracks or degraded seals which can over time allow water to seep in and cause untold damage.