A Professional Tourists Guide To Traveling Italy


Do you know that Italy is the fifth number on the list of most visited countries in the world? It is widely known for its rich history, magnificent architecture, and picturesque and mouth-watering food. From the Roman age to the Renaissance Italy prospered.

Italian Tours Take You To The Must-Visit Destinations In The Boot-Shaped Country


“All roads lead to Rome” and so will your travel itinerary. Rome is famous for its historical buildings and relics that have made the city it’s home for two thousand years of inhabitation. The Colosseum, the Palatine Hill and the Forum remind one of its ancient glory. Visit the Vatican to gain insight into catholic architecture. The art that decorates all the basilicas will surely stun your eyes. Thus it makes Rome a must have in your Italian tours list.


Rightly called “The King of Italy”. The place where Renaissance flourished offers beautiful architecture and museums to understand the city’s interesting history. The Tuscan countryside surrounding the city is worth exploring and gives exceptional views of the city.


It is said, “If a couple in a gondola kiss as they pass under each bridge in Venice they will remain in love forever”. Venice does indeed make for a romantic experience with its instagrammable alleys and gondola rides. Visit the old city centre to be amazed by the Saint Mark Basilica, Doge’s palace and numerous churches. Do go to the Peppy Guggenheim Museum if you are an art enthusiast.

Amalfi Coast

The colourful towns dotting the gorgeous Amalfi coast will take you by surprise with their stunning sunsets and white sand beaches. Plan to take scenic boat rides or ferries from one town to the next. Watch the hillside towns and hidden beaches. Some of the towns along the coast are Positano, Amalfi, Ravello and Praiano.


The “Fashion Capital of Italy” offers irresistible accessories in its various shopping streets. Also, see the iconic “The Last Supper” painted by Leonardo Da Vinci in the church of Santa Maria Delle Grazie. Other notable attractions include the Duomo Cathedral, Castello Sforzesco and Lake Como.


The birthplace of ‘Pizza’ is a must-visit destination for all food lovers. The pizza here is not the usual as there are literally laws on making pizzas and they take it very seriously here. But beyond tasty pizzas, the city offers amazing sea views, San Francesco di Paola Basilica and the Royal Palace.


 This UNESCO world heritage site is a snapshot of ancient Roman life. It is situated near Naples. The entire city was buried under ash when Mount Vesuvius erupted in 79 CE. The city and its inhabitants are still preserved and tell tales of the history of their city.


How can details about Italian Tours be complete without mentioning Palermo is the Sicilian capital Palermo is a mix of Arabic and Normand cultures. It houses the most famous food market in Italy. Visit Teatro Massimo, the largest opera house in Italy for a musical then head straight to a cooking class in Sicilian cuisine and some wine to end the trip.

The above details about the magnificent architecture of Italy must have boosted your spirit to visit this beautiful city in the coming holidays.