Everything You Need To Know Before Moving To Portugal


Relocation to a new place is surely a daunting task as it requires you to be attentive to countless things. Also, you need to make arrangements for number of things and also fulfil the formalities so that you may relocate to the new place effortlessly and without experiencing any legal issues. The same holds equally true in the case of Portugal. It is certainly a wonderful place that offers great opportunities for job, residence, education and so on. To move to this country freely, you definitely need to follow the set rules and regulations. Also, you need to move there in a viable manner. There are various options such as Portugal investment visa as suggested by Belion Partners or other experts offering assistance to settle down at this place. Below are some key points that you must know before moving to this amazing country. 

Check Your Eligibility 

Before you actually move to Portugal, it is quite important and in fact necessary that you must check your eligibility for the same. Different laws, rules and regulations prevail for people moving to Portugal from different countries for residence purposes. For some people such as those belonging to the EU, EEA and also the Swiss plus the citizens of the Schengen Area are free to move there for permanent residence. They just need to show their identification documents. Likewise, the period of residence and other rules vary for other non-EU countries and EFTA. 

Residency Program to Opt for to Move to Portugal  

Numbers of residency programs are there for people looking forward to Portugal. Depending upon the specific purpose as well as other factors, you need to pick and go ahead with one of the most appropriate residency programs for hassle-free movement. 

The Base of Attainment of Portugal Residency 

Portugal residency is attainable based on education, retirement purpose, job, investment in business and some other purposes too. In accordance with the basis of attainment of residency there, you need to make available the requisite documents and other proofs and also fulfil certain legal formalities. The time needed to complete the entire process may vary according to the basis of the application for Portugal residency. 

Formalities to Fulfil for Movement Purpose 

You must also be well aware of various formalities that you are required to fulfil while applying for, at the time of movement as well as when you actually reach there. Knowing about all such formalities makes it easier for you to fulfil the same and rule out chances of any legal issues later on. 

The validity of Different Types of Portugal Visas 

It is also an important point that you must certainly know before you move to Portugal. Different visas are valid for certain periods. Hence you need to apply for and attain the same accordingly. 

With this important information available to you, moving to Portugal can be made much easier.