Top 5 Places To Go In Devon


Located in southwest England, Devon is a country that is known for its beauty. There are so many tourist attractions and things to do at this wonderful place that time flies unnoticed. It is a wonderful option to spend your vacations with your family, friends or other near and dear ones. You would be astonished by the beautiful scenery at the seaside. At the same time, the spa breaks Devon are equally relaxing and propelling. You may unwind and refresh aided by the fantastic spa breaks at this place. Here are the 5 places to go in Devon:-

English Riviera

It is basically a series of pleasing and eye-catching south-coast harbour towns. This place will keep you captivated for the entire day as it leads to the coastline where there are gigantic cliffs of the northern Exmoor Coast. Coming across various towns one after the other is certainly an amazing experience to know deeply about Devon.

Gaia Spa

It is a great place to relax down and get rid of all the exhaustion and tiredness caused due to your hectic life. You would be astonished to come across the best spa breaks Devon treatments at this place. Different types of treatments and facilities are offered at the spa breaks in Devon. There is an option for spa breaks for couples, families and so on.

Blackpool Sands

As suggested by the name, it is a stony beach in Devon that offers extremely beautiful scenarios of natural beauty. Enjoy sunbathing or swimming in the fresh waters of the beach as well as other outdoor activities.

Powderham Castle

If you are interested in the history, culture and customs of Devon, then you must visit this castle. You will come across the marshy ground on the western bank of River Exe Estuary where this castle is located. There are some remains of the original building as well at this place.

Exmoor Zoo

Spending some time in the company of different species of animals, birds and other creatures is certainly a great idea. You may visit this zoo that has a number of birds and animals. Also, there is a cafe and gift shop plus an outdoor and indoor play area for the kids. You may spend considerable time coming to know about the eating habits and habitats of different types of animals and birds.

These are some of the best places that may be visited by you on your upcoming trip to Devon and have an unforgettable time ahead.